Kirby Project Hub : a client area for your website.

Kirby Project Hub : a client area for your website.

Gunther Groenewege

This is the perfect solution for freelance web designers and developers who want a quick and simple project management tool


Kirby Project Hub is an advanced version of Brad Frost’s project hub idea. A project hub is a tool for keeping track of the progress of a freelance project. The hub lives online and is accessible to everyone involved in the project. A project hub consolidates all the key project information onto a single webpage presented in reverse chronological order.

This tool uses the Kirby CMS but you don't have to be a Kirby expert to use it. You can use the Kirby Project Hub as a stand-alone website or you can add it to an existing website. Learn how to set up a stand-alone client website or how to add a client area to an existing Wordpress site.

Features : 

  • A responsive timeline : You can design beautiful timelines for your different projects to keep your clients or colleagues up to date. The resulting visual overview is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • A secure area : The project pages can be password-protected. Client accounts are readily handled using the admin panel, a password is provided to all authorized users and unlimited projects can be attached per user.
  • Multi-client & multilingual : You can manage multiple clients and select a preferred language for each one of them. The user interface can be easily translated (English and French versions are included by default).

Holy smokes! @groenewege made an amazing Project Hub tool. — Brad Frost
This is brilliant! Exactly what I have been looking for. — Paul Boag


Kirby 2.4 is included for your convenience. Please remember that Kirby is not free. If you use the theme for a public release, don't forget to buy a license for Kirby too !

Requirements : Apache 2 with URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) or nginx, PHP 5.4+, PHP mbstring extension for proper UTF-8 support

Browser compatibility : IE 9+, Chrome 19+, Safari 5.1+, Firefox 14+, Opera 15+, recent iOS / Android / Windows Phone

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